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ePIP Toolkit

Educating to Protect Intellectual Property Toolkit

Teaching about intellectual property can be tricky, especially for non-lawyers. To ensure that teachers are comfortable with this important subject matter, they need access to high quality curriculum, strategies, and resources.  This toolkit provides the information and tools necessary to integrate intellectual property into classroom instruction.

The toolkit can be downloaded in its entirety as a single .pdf or by section as described below.  If you have questions about this toolkit or Street Law, Inc.'s Educating to Protect Intellectual Property initiative, please contact Deborah Foster.  
Complete ePIP Toolkit (Download)

Toolkit by section
Introductory Materials
Details about Street Law, Inc.'s ePIP initiative including FAQs and best practices in law-related education
ePIP Toolkit: Introductory Section

Section 1
A good starting point for teachers wishing to integrate IP into their curricula including connections to national standards and a sample lesson
ePIP Toolkit: Section 1

Section 2
Web resources and instructions for developing enrichment projects to help students utilize the knowledge and skills they have acquired through the intellectual property lessons
ePIP Toolkit: Section 2

Section 3
Resources for teachers who have taught about intellectual property and are interested in providing professional development to other teachers
ePIP Toolkit: Section 3

Section 4
Contains teaching strategies, sample professional development agenda and evaluation, and guidelines for using community resource people to teach about intellectual property
ePIP Toolkit: Section 4




Educating to Protect Intellectual Property (ePIP) was created with funding by grant 2009-BE-BX-0001 from the
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
, the U.S. Department of Justice, and supported by the International Trademark Association and the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

Copyright 2015 Constitutional Rights Foundation and Street Law, Inc.